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Traders who had bought and sold on our recommendation made huge profits within a short time, both entering and exiting at the right time. Technical traders seem to have booked profits after Ether reached its target objective. Although aggressive bulls seem to have purchased the dip on April 18, they could not sustain the price above the 20-day EMA. The bulls pushed Ether above the overhead resistance of £2,400 on August 23 but could not sustain the breakout. Ethereum price gbp broke above the neckline on October 14, completing a bullish inverse head and shoulders pattern. However, as we had projected in our previous analysis, the bears aggressively defended the overhead resistance at £2,905.65 and have pulled the price back to the neckline.

Conversely, if the Ethereum Price GBP breaks and sustains below this support, it will suggest a possible change in trend. A short-term buying opportunity may arise for the momentum traders if the price sustains above £1,354.01 for a few hours. Ethereum price GBP made a new all-time high of £2,984.73 on May 10 but the bulls could not sustain the higher levels.

As the chart is not offering any clarity about the next possible move, traders may remain on the sidelines. Ethereum price GBP plunged below £1,456.18 on April 7, but the bulls purchased the dip and the price rebounded on April 8. The ETH/GBP pair has continued to make new highs, but the up-move lacks momentum. This suggests hesitation among the bulls to buy aggressively at higher levels.

This trade should not be attempted when the price is falling because if the bears sink the pair below £1,216.19, the decline could extend to £1,000. A strong rebound off the 20-day EMA will suggest that the sentiment has turned positive and traders are buying on dips. The bulls will then again try to push the ether gbp price above the overhead resistance at £2,000.

The Ethereum to GBP bulls tried to stage a recovery on May 20 but hit a wall at the 50-day SMA. Ether bounced off the £1,216.19 support on June 22 and again on June 26. This suggests that the bulls are aggressively defending this support. Hence, on the way down, this becomes an important level to watch out for. Etherum price GBP, we had mentioned in our earlier analysis that £2,400 may act as a resistance and that is what happened. Ether GBP has been struggling to break out and sustain above this resistance for the past few days.

  • If the eth to gbp price turns down from this resistance, the bears will again try to break the £1,216.19 support.
  • This suggests hesitation among the bulls to buy aggressively at higher levels.
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  • This bearish view will be invalidated if the price turns up and breaks above the 20-day EMA.
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Conversely, if the pair picks up momentum, a rally to £1,872 is likely. Traders can watch the price action and book profits if the price does not rally above £1,600 in the next couple of days. However, the bulls are likely to face stiff resistance at the moving averages.

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We do not find any reliable buy setups at the current level, hence we suggest traders remain on the sidelines. The Ethereum price GBP rallied to a new all-time high at £1,456.18 on February 20, which was just short of our target objective at £1,500. Momentum traders who had purchased as suggested in our previous analysis could have made a small profit or may have closed the position at breakeven.

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However, the bulls could not sustain the breakout and the price slipped back below £1,850 on the same day. Ether is facing stiff resistance near the overhead barrier at £2,700 but a minor positive is that bulls have not allowed the price to break and close below the 20-day EMA. The gradually rising 20-day EMA and the RSI in the positive zone indicate a minor advantage to buyers. This negative view will invalidate if the price turns up from the current level or the support at £2,721 and breaks above the 50-day SMA.

  • However, the failure of the bulls to build-up on the pullback today suggests the bears continue to sell on rallies.
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  • The Ethereum to GBP bulls tried to stage a recovery on May 20 but hit a wall at the 50-day SMA.
  • The zone between £1,732 and £1,600 is likely to act as a strong support.

The ETH/GBP pair bounced off £1,704.91 on February 24, indicating accumulation at lower levels. The bulls will have to push and sustain the price above the triangle to indicate that the downtrend could be over. With the largest variety of markets and the biggest value – having reached a peak of 18 billion USD – Bitcoin is here to stay. It is also the most traded cryptocurrency and one of the main entry points for all the other cryptocurrencies.


If bulls propel the price above the 20-day EMA and the £2,587.26 resistance, it will suggest that the correction could be over. The pair could then rally to guide on ethereum wallets the £2,900 to £3,098.17 overhead zone. On the other hand, if bears sink the price below £2,200, the pair could witness panic selling and may drop to £1,900.

  • The ETH/GBP pair plunged below the moving averages on February 17 and broke below the immediate support of £2,088.88 on February 18.
  • A breakout above £1,800 could clear the path for a rally to the psychological level at £2,000.
  • Therefore, traders should wait for the price to either breakdown or break above the triangle before placing any positional trades.
  • If the bears pull the price below £2,560.80, the ETH/GBP pair could drop to the 20-day EMA.
  • Therefore, traders may consider long positions on a breakout and close above £2,492 with a stop-loss placed below the right shoulder.

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The pair could now rise to the 20-day EMA where bears are likely to mount a stiff resistance. If the price turns down from the 20-day EMA, it will suggest that sentiment remains negative and that will increase the prospects of a further downside. The bulls will have to push and sustain the price above the 20-day EMA to indicate that the correction may be over.

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If the price sustains above the 20-day EMA, the ETH/GBP pair could rise to the resistance of the range. A break above this level will suggest that the corrective phase may be over. The pair could then start its journey to the all-time high at £3,607.44. A break and close above the triangle will suggest that the downtrend could be over. The pair could then rally to the 200-day SMA and later to the overhead resistance at £2,932.90. We had suggested that Ether is likely to find strong buying support near £1,732 and that is what happened.

tixl price

We had expected Ether to pick up momentum after breaking above the overhead resistance at £2,587.26 but that did not happen. The ETH/GBP pair turned down from £2,657 on September 16, trapping the aggressive bulls. The bears pulled the price back below the 20-day EMA on September 17 and the selling intensified on a break below the 50-day simple moving average on September 20. Ethereum price GBP has been sandwiched between the 100-day SMA and the 20-day EMA for the past few days. This shows that bulls are buying on dips but demand dries up at higher levels and bears assert their dominance. The 20-day EMA is sloping down and the relative strength index is in the negative territory indicating that the path of least resistance is to the downside.

That will enhance the prospects of the resumption of the uptrend. Ethereum price GBP surprised us with its sharp up-move in the past few days. Momentum traders who had bought on our recommendation in the previous analysis could be sitting on huge profits within a short time. However, vertical rallies rarely sustain and they are usually followed by waterfall declines. Therefore, without getting too greedy, traders may book profits at the current levels or tighten the stops to lock in a large part of their paper gains. The bulls again tried to push the price above the 20-day EMA on June 5 and 7 but the long wick on the day’s candlestick suggests selling at higher levels.

The bears will then try to resume the downtrend by pulling the price below £1,600. If they succeed, the pair could start https://coinbreakingnews.info/ its journey toward £1,200. If the price turns up from this level, it will suggest that sentiment remains strong.

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