Finally WhatsApp Software Launched as Desktop App For Windows Mac

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Now the billions of WhatsApp active users can now continue conversations from their phone on a computer, and vice versa as because WhatsApp expands to the desktop with Windows and Mac. This is first time, that millions of WhatsApp users have the ability to use WhatsApp on web browser. This web browser feature is just like a plus point of your phone app. Most important thing of this feature is, it syncs with your phone while you chatting from browser, that means all of your messages still remain as it is on your phone. You can send minutes to any prepaid mobile number covered by our list of operators like Airtel, AT&T, Claro, Cubacel, Digicel, Lime, Movistar, MTN, Orange, Telcel, Tigo, T-Mobile. Just select the operator, enter the number you wish to topup and proceed to send credit.

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The only major complaint I had concerned the cable, which produces a ton of noise when it’s handled or it rubs against the edge of your desk. Given that this looks to be a regular USB-C to USB-C cable, replacement could be an option if this bothers you too. Overall, the SXFI Gamer is a strong headset that delivers on its key promises without any major stumbles.

Desktop or portable DACs like the Audioengine D1, Fiio E10K or Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS cost around £100/$100 or less and can improve audio quality substantially. (We also highlighted the Sound Blaster G3 just above!) Of course, you can spend way more if you want to go even further into the audiophile realm. Largely because PlayStation 4/5 and PC support connection options that the Xbox One does not. The PS4 and PC both support headsets that connect via 3.5mm (either dual 3-pole or 4-pole), optical, Bluetooth and USB. Meanwhile, the Xbox One didn’t include 3.5mm on its first-generation controllers, requiring the use of an Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter to add this option. The Xbox also only works with certified USB devices and uses its own proprietary wireless standard rather than Bluetooth, so you’ll need to look for headsets that are specifically marketed as Xbox Series or Xbox One compatible.

With Easy Mobile Recharge PC version, you can download and use it on your laptop screen. The installation process is the same as any other windows or mac applications. If you wanted to use the older versions of the Easy Mobile Recharge app, you can download it from external sources and install it on Bluestacks. It’s the most preferred method to download Easy Mobile Recharge for Windows or Mac laptop.

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It is also possible to use non-android devices as scoring units providing they are touchscreen devices with a web browser. This means that iPhones or iPads, for example, can be used as scoring devices if required. It is unlikely a bridge club would choose this option if purchasing their own equipment, since the android devices are much cheaper, but some individuals may prefer to use their own phone and so the option is there if required. Beyond the audio quality, this is one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve worn in years, with a lightweight design, D-shaped ear pads and the perfect amount of clamping force. Normally I can only wear headsets for a few hours before my ears become sore, and I accepted that as a normal part of PC gaming while wearing glasses, but here I didn’t face that problem. I still took off the headset, but more because my ears got a bit warm – and that’s much more quickly rectified!

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You can change the shutoff time in the Audeze HQ app to work around this if it bothers you. The industrial design here is great too, proving light and comfortable even while wearing glasses, and despite a more plasticky construction the H3 headsets still feel robust in the hand. The earcup volume dial on the H3 Hybrid has also been improved from the earlier models of the standard H3, which was a bit hard to turn with one finger – this model spins freely. I like the magnetically attached microphone arm too, which is great if you’re playing on PC with an external USB or XLR mic and would prefer a lighter headset. The fabric suspension headband that debuted on the original Arctis headsets returns to provide a comfortable fit, but a new frame design and three headband positions allows the headsets to suit a wider range of head sizes. The athletic foam has been swapped for leatherette to boost bass response and improve passive noise isolation, which together with a higher clamping force ensures the headset remains in position. This clamping force is a bit much out of the box, but soon becomes comfortable even for long gaming sessions.

See our Xbox Wireless Headset review to learn more, but we’re confident that the Xbox Wireless Headset is by far the best value wireless headset for Xbox on the market. Bass, treble and mids are all well-represented, with extremely good detail and a wide sound stage for a closed back headset. The wired model sounds even better, thanks to a high-end Sabre DAC built into the base station. Microphone performance is also great when SteelSeries’ AI noise cancelling feature is used on PC, but merely average otherwise. As useful as smartphones are these days, they come with a longer list of potential problems than older generation mobile phones. The hardware is more complex, the software is more advanced, and the rush to put out a new model in under a year doesn’t always lead to the best results. offers you online recharge facility for prepaid mobile/ DTH and data card.