Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by global developers 2021

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Other areas of her expertise include mobile CRM topics and tracking. That means she is engaged with User Interface, User Experience and graphic design for mobile applications, as well as coding. She has been responsible for the layout, design and text editing of previous editions of this guide. In her spare time, she likes to travel, draw, play the guitar how to become a mobile developer and video games. Dean works on secure design, development and testing of applications at AT&T. Over the past several years he has focused on driving security requirements in mobile applications, for consumer applications as well as internal AT&T mobile applications. He has been busy supporting AT&T’s emerging Mobile Health and Digital Life product lines.

  • The Socket Mobile Capture Software Development Kit enables developers to easily add support for all Socket Mobile data collection devices to their applications.
  • The electronic versions have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and the content has been translated into several languages.
  • Hashnode is an online community where developers share knowledge and grow their careers.
  • SitePoint community is a community for web designers and developers to discuss everything web development from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, SEO, and more.
  • Product Hunt is an exciting community of featured amazing products launched every day.

But, whilst Huddles are great for introducing communication at a deeper, more specialist level, they do little to address learning. A quintessential ecosystem, developed to foster and cater to the needs of modern-age developers. We at Hack2skill offer credible and ingenious solutions to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Modern UI paradigms. Ready for mobile.

Sun’s Mobile Developers are part of the organization’s Innovation Team and play a key role in helping the company achieve its strategic objectives. Today, developer information is spread out across Apple’s website, and elsewhere. It even arrives in developers’ inbox in the form of email updates from various product teams.

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Then, the original poster can choose the best solution to be prominently displayed at the top of the thread. So, in April last year we held our first News Apps iOS Developer Forum.


The community provides comprehensive guides, tutorials, trends for developers, Q/A sessions, and much more. You get to learn from the founders behind hundreds of successful online businesses and connect with others who are starting and growing their own companies through their global meetups, discussions, articles, and more.

mobile developer community

As stand-alone apps, they can be built, tested and updated separately from the main or primary MDK app. This provides you with an easy way to customize, add-on, or extend existing apps without touching the primary app. These static methods allow a test method to separate the Apex resources and governor limits being used to prepare and initialize the dataset from the resources and limits used during the actual test execution. Gone are the days of copying and emailing spreadsheets, gone are the days of an employee seeing data they shouldn’t, gone are the days of data breach. Your organisation can now share the right information, to the right person, at the right time. For example, over the past year, the developer community in Indonesia grew its membership by 60% after the opening of two Developer Academy facilities in 2019.

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Give your users light and dark theme choices so they can choose what’s most eye-friendly. To learn more about the SAP MDK, check out the developer tutorial series below. The below batch class will be processing a little over 2.5 million records.

Now it will be available in a single, streamlined mobile app experience. Cathy is a User Experience Manager at RNIB and together with her team works with companies on their products, websites and apps to improve the usability and accessibility for blind and partially sighted people. This includes design, heuristic assessments and user testing with blind and partially sighted people. A hands-on guidebook to developing, designing, marketing and managing mobile apps.

If you’re an experienced app developer, or someone looking to get introduced to mobile development, this list of communities is for you. Apple today is introducing a new resource for the over 23 million registered members of its developer community, with the launch of a dedicated Apple Developer mobile app. The new app is an expansion on the existing WWDC app for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which it will now replace. Instead of only including information about the developer event itself, the app will expand to include other relevant resources — like technical and design articles, developer news and updates, videos and more. It also will offer a way for developers to enroll in the Apple Developer program and maintain their membership.

  • During his computer science studies he focused on Java and especially Android development.
  • If you’re an experienced app developer, or someone looking to get introduced to mobile development, this list of communities is for you.
  • Three years later, he joined the dream team at Enough Software where he has been responsible for PR, sales, project management and much more.